Few Facts to Know Before Getting False Extensions

Nature might not have endowed everybody with a pair of eyelashes of perfect length and volume but thanks to technological advancement, you can flaunt a pair of killer eyelashes. How? The answer is eyelash extensions. Luscious sparkling eyes are no longer a distant dream. A professional glue these extensions to your existing eyelashes to make them longer and fuller. However, there are plenty of tricks involved here. Done right, they look totally real but a wrong move here can put you at risk of permanent damage. Here, we arsenal you with some vital knowledge that you must be aware of before you walk-in for your first appointment.

Not all eyelash technicians are the same

You should not take the eyelash technician for granted. After all, it’s a highly relevant and sensitive part of your face. You should not be afraid to ask about any queries or doubts even though they may sound silly. Again, you should always verify that they are licensed to execute the process of eye extension. If possible, demand pictures of previous work done. Inspect to see that the lashes look defined, straight and natural. In case you spot glue, crooked fibers or lashes stuck together, its best to opt for a different technician.

You need to be patient during the process

The process of adding eyelash extension is slightly tedious and may take anything from 90 minutes to three hours. During this time, you must be lying on a bed with your eyes closed. Hence, you must be prepared to be patient. You need to take some pain for the enormous gains that you would receive.

The eyelash extension experience can be easily customized

You have plenty of customization experience available with eyelash extensions. Foremost, you need to choose the material which can be faux mink, real mink, silk, faux fox and even real human hair. All materials look strikingly similar and it is real hard to spot any differences. Thus, one can easily choose faux mink as it is most affordable.

Post-treatment, your eyes won’t look as if a permanent eyelash strip has been attached to its eyelid. Before the treatment, you need to decide on the length which can be anything from 9 to 15 mm. The most common sweet spot is 10-12mm. Apart from length, their thickness and levels of curls can also be customized for blending with your true eyelashes to flaunt a natural look.

Eyelash extensions can be made to last long

Most treatment studios might ask you to come back, maximum after three weeks for a touch-up. However, if you are careful about not using oily products on your eyes and keeping away from water as much as possible, you can elongate its lifespan to over a month before a touch up is required.

Extensions can ruin your natural eyelashes if rules are broken

Despite requiring little maintenance, eyelash extensions need to be treated properly with its do’s and don’ts followed strictly. For instance, if you try to pull out the extensions all by yourself, you are likely to pull out your original eyelashes as well. They can be quite harmful if all its mentioned precautions are not taken.

Wrapping up

Eyelash extensions can be your holy grail for the eyes provided you play by the rules and keep to its strict schedule; you can keep flaunting the most beautiful eyes with which look fresh, full and mesmerizingly beautiful.