Hot Stone

Top Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

To take away some of the stress of modern life and bring relief to aching muscles; nothing beats a good massage. Consequently, you have a commendable mushrooming of massage parlors offering you a wide range of massage types by expert massage therapists. One such in-demand kind of massage is the hot stone massage therapy. Check out our partners over at

In this type of massage, apart from conventional techniques of massage, hot stones are placed on specific points and areas of the body and then a massage is given with them to bring about profound relaxation and relief from pains. It is a therapeutic massage which is fast becoming a lifestyle statement for many. Here, we throw light on its top benefits which make it worthy of being a part of your life routine.

A terrific stress buster

As already stated, this is the key benefit offered by any kind of massage. A study conducted in 2001 revealed that just a ten minute of massage done in the right way boosted cardiovascular responses like stroke volume. The increased blood supply significantly reduced the stress, anxiety, depression and other such adverse reactions to bring about a positive reaction.

Relief from pains and aches

Due to sedentary work atmosphere, stationary position etc., it is natural to develop aches, cramps, stiff muscles etc. The heat passed on via the stone and the massage techniques employed work hand in hand to loosen and relax the muscles till the deep tissue. It significantly reduces muscles spasms and muscles aches and is a much healthier and safer alternative to painkillers and muscle relaxer pills. The hot stone massage has shown some dramatic results in reducing pains and increasing range of motion in diseases like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Increased joint flexibility

Muscles tensions show their worst side at the joints. It seriously compromises the flexibility of the joints and makes any kind of movement difficult. A hot stone massage goes a long way in yielding some magical results and make a person feel almost reincarnated.

Detoxifies the body

The warmth of the hot stones and proper strokes of the massage get the sleeping lymphatic system of the body get into top gear. Mingled with increased blood circulation; a majority of toxins get flushed out of the body, leaving you healthy, light and glowing.

Induces better sleep

Daily stress and fatigue rob you of sound sleep easily. With the stone massage, you effectively drain out all fatigue, stress, anxiety and even depression from your body. This induces a deep relaxation whose natural consequence is sleep. Thus, try a hot stone massage if you find yourself tossing and turning the night. The difference in your sleep is something that needs to be experienced.

Gives you an emotional boost

It is astonishing how a massage can bring about enormous emotional wonders. Not only does it leave you calm and soothed but it also induces a happy mood and a more positive outlook which help you gear better to face the challenges of life.

Satiates longing for touch

We humans, naturally crave love and affection. The touch is a great way to satisfy this urge via our skin, the most sensitive organ of our body. The hot stone massage satisfies this urge to a significant degree, leaving you well satisfied and happy.


Final words

While we all understand the importance of taking regular breaks from our work, most of us ignore this need due to various reasons. A massage is the easiest way to achieve it and keep your energy and zest at optimum levels. Some insiders are also expressing interest in Hot Stone Massage in relation to their Pregnancy Massage clients.